Local Business Spotlight - Sip D'Vine

Some places exist to make you linger.

The struggle is real.

The struggle is real.

As a Portland area real estate agent, part of my job is to provide local insight to clients. So sipping chai at a tea house, tasting chocolate cake from the newest bakery, and sifting through racks of vintage clothing is all serious work. Hey, it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. My latest foray was into Multnomah Village.

It's hard not to love Multnomah Village. It's that perfect combination of character and quirk that we Portlanders love so much. Whether you like to head to The Village for the First Friday events or stop by regularly to visit your favorite Toy Store or Sweet Shop, it's a great place to slow down for a moment or two. 

Sip D'Vine has been in Multnomah Village for 15 years and was the first combination wine bar and bottle shop. They feature Northwest brands exclusively. The entire selection has been curated and tasted so that you know you are getting the best that the region has to offer. With the exception of a couple of bottles, you won't find any of these at the grocery store.

Ah, sunny days and wine grapes. I miss the sun. Will it ever decide to stick around for more than a few hours? #Oregondaydreams

Ah, sunny days and wine grapes. I miss the sun. Will it ever decide to stick around for more than a few hours? #Oregondaydreams

You can also find a bottle that hits both your palate and your wallet in just the right way. The $15 and under section is just as curated as the rest of the store. But before picking a bottle and running off to Gabriel Park, you can sit at the bar and try a wine flight. The flight features a specific winery and changes regularly which gives you a great reason to stop by frequently!

The owner, Jill Crecraft, is exactly the right person to talk to about wine. She is far from a wine snob and is happy to chat about wine, poetry, local issues, or just about anything else. Make sure to keep an open mind because she may just convince you that the oft-maligned Merlot gets a bad rap (she has a full rack of excellent options) or that Gewürztraminer isn't just a dessert wine (it can be wonderfully dry and fruity).

Perpetuating snobbery is total baloney. Wine is for everyone, throughout time. It’s a beverage, it can be as complicated as you want but the bottom line is: Do you like it?
— Jill Crecraft, owner of Sip D'Vine

The best value is in purchasing a case, but you don't have to fall in love with only one wine to get a discount. Mixed cases are highly encouraged and get you a 15% discount on the bottles!

There's plenty of space in the shop to hold an event for your bridge group or small reunion. Other public events are held periodically. Because April is National Poetry Month, every Saturday features an award winning poet that holds a 15 minute reading. But the big event that Jill wants you to put on your calendar is in August.

Vine and Dine will be held this year on Sunday, August 20th (the day after Parade Day). There will be a tent in the lower lot of the Multnomah Center. Roughly 35 wineries will be represented, all by invitation only. Some of these wineries don't have distribution in Oregon so this is a great chance to sample something new and different! You will be provided with a glass and event guide that you can use to take notes. VIP tickets will be available that offer special wines and early entry.

Hopefully I'll see you sometime over at Sip D'Vine and maybe even at the Vine and Dine event in August. But contact me if you'd like to meet for a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) before then!