Why You Should Go to the Portland Thorns Semi-Finals


My blog posts tend to be heavy with real estate information so I tasked myself to write about something MORE fun than housing. It was tough to find a topic that could be even remotely as engaging as radon mitigation and tenant protections. Then a friend of mine suggested writing about the Thorns. (Oh, and a list of other awesome October events is below.)

It's Time to Become a Rose City Riveter!

No, no. FOOTBALL Club, not foosball... 

No, no. FOOTBALL Club, not foosball... 

If you don't know by now, the Portland Thorns FC (that stands for football club in case you're curious) is one of ten teams in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). They are, by a far stretch, the most popular soccer team in the league. 

To give you an idea of how popular they are relative to other teams: Average attendance this year has been 17,335. The next most popular team, the Orlando Pride, has an average attendance of 6,186. 

The Thorns average attendance is quickly catching up to the Portland Timbers, which is currently at 21,144 (which happens to be the max capacity at Providence Park).

And, if you are at all familiar with how much insane love Timbers fans have for their team (you should sit with the Timbers Army at least once for the experience), you'll have a good idea of what Thorns fans are like.

The Rose City Riveters have been supporting the Thorns since the beginning. They have their own scarf, their own voice, and their own name. They sit in the same section as the Timbers Army and are wildly enthusiastic. Read their Game Day FAQs to learn more.

The success of the Thorns is even more impressive when you find out that the NWSL was founded in 2012 and had it's inaugural game in 2013. That's only 5 seasons, folks.

Women's sports in general are starting to pickup speed and it's always fun to be a fan on the leading edge of something great! 

So get down to Providence Park on Saturday, October 7th to watch the Portland Thorns FC take on... someone else. We don't know yet. The Thorns clinched the semi-final way back on September 10th. Their opponent will be determined by the end of this weekend.

Other October Events

There's also plenty of other fun stuff going on in Portland in October. Get out there and enjoy early fall!