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I mentioned on my last blog that lots of changes have been happening, and again I apologize for not blogging as much as I used to… I am determined to get back to regularly writing about important, much beloved topics such as cesspools and contingencies. (Stay tuned for my Rent Control and Development Blog.)

Here’s the news!
I have recently begun practicing real estate under a different brokerage: Weichert, Realtors - Elite (yes, the comma is supposed to be there, don’t ask).

This is exciting because at Weichert, I will have access to an entirely new set of tools.

First, the Beaverton office consists of experts with decades of experience in the investment side of residential real estate. We have an Auction Home Department and access to capital to help people become investors. Best of all, the team here has decades of personal and professional experience investing in residential real estate with incredible amounts of knowledge and expertise available to me and my clients.

“Expeditiously”, otherwise known as fast.. But, I love that word. It reminds me of the movie “Oscar”. Was I the only person that liked that movie??? So awesome.

“Expeditiously”, otherwise known as fast.. But, I love that word. It reminds me of the movie “Oscar”. Was I the only person that liked that movie??? So awesome.

Second, Weichert is a national brand that provides me with additional resources to draw from.. They have a national relocation team, allowing me to market properties to a larger audience (in addition to my usual marketing in the MLS, social media, and other online search sites). Due to their experience, they have a stable of affordable, solid contractors that can get necessary work done expeditiously.

Third, while I will miss my east side office in the heart of the Richmond neighborhood, having a west side office is convenient for many of my clients, and the west side offers a lot of investment opportunity. I will absolutely continue to help people all around the Portland metro, from Gresham to Hillsboro and beyond, with all their real estate needs!

I’ll also probably have lots of gorgeous properties to showcase, like this one that I held open last Sunday.

But wait, there’s more!

I’ve recently launched a brand new home search tool. You can now find it in the top navigation, or click here to get right to it.

Or, click on this super generic picture!

Or, click on this super generic picture!

If you’d like to see the more specific search options, click on “Have a Specific address you want to find” on the main page. Or, if you start out with a city/zip/neighborhood search, then click on the menu bar to the right of your search and it will show all the specific search options.

There’s also an open house search, too!

I’m really liking the functionality and simplicity of my new search page, and it allows me to interact with my home buyers in a more effective way. Once you have a login, I can create specific searches for you, see when you mark favorite homes (which makes interaction easy), and receive alerts/easily send you new listings when something good pops up that looks interesting.

If you’re still a little further out from being ready, but want to start keeping an eye on things, this is a good way to do so while simultaneously “training” me to understand your needs, wants, and deal breakers. That way, once you are ready to be pre-approved and look in earnest, we can jump right in and not miss anything!

I’m still learning all the possibilities with it, but all in all, it’s a nice, easy to use search tool that isn’t nearly as unwieldy (and as inaccurate) as some of the major brand search sites.

Okay, no, don’t turn over THOSE stones…

Okay, no, don’t turn over THOSE stones…

I’m a fan of “no stone unturned”, so I also like to use my MLS tools to create additional, highly specific searches, because no other online search site (including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and my own) will ever have the specific search features and accuracy of the local MLS.

And, of course, I also utilize email, networking, word-of-mouth, social media (including Realtor-only closed Facebook groups), pre-foreclosure notices, and more to find potential properties.

Learn more about how I do things here. Or, take a look at my Zillow and Google reviews!

If any thoughts of buying and/or selling a home have crossed your mind, let me know! We can talk about the market, the process, a strategy that makes sense for you, and you can ask me anything. Whether it ends up being now or later, it’s always a good time to talk to a real estate professional and you can always expect an honest opinion from me.

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