This is the fun part

If you've decided to purchase a home then it's a good idea to start thinking about your requirements and deal breakers. No matter how hot the market is, if you're looking for a primary home, then it needs to be the right home for you. If you're looking for an investment property, then there are even more details to think about!

I encourage everyone to utilize public tools like Redfin to keep an eye on the market. When you're ready to get serious about purchasing a home, contact me and we'll discuss putting together a strategy that will give you the best chance at successfully buying the right home for your needs. I'll ask detailed questions so that I can beat the streets for you. I can also set up a customized search using the most accurate tools available today.

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There are modernist and contemporary gems sprinkled around the Portland area. They hold a special place in my geeky heart. I love helping clients buy and sell these special homes!

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Traditional can mean many different things. Whether you are a fan of the old Portland Four Squares or prefer traditional new construction, I will help you buy or sell your style, in style!



Condos and townhouses are a great way to live closer to the fun amenities of the Portland area. They also can make great investments or homes for first time home buyers. 


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